SleepTunes in action

SleepTunes is an iPhone app, that plays music to you, while you’re falling asleep. It stops the music after a time you specify.

Available on the App Store


  • Sleek, stylish, iPod-app-like interface. You will feel at home, at once!
  • Easily lets you select the music you want to play and set up the sleep timer.
  • Supports audiobooks.
  • Displays album artwork.

Quick User Guide

  1. Tap the note to select some music first.
  2. Tap the stopwatch to set up the sleep timer.
  3. Play your selected music. The music will stop itself, when the timer runs out.
  4. Tap the artwork to show or hide additional controls, like repeat and shuffle modes or the playtime seeker.

Supported Languages

  • English
  • German


  • iPhone or iPod touch and iPhone OS 3.0 or higher.


SleepTunes uses icons by Joseph Wain /


  • SleepTunes needs to be the active app, to be able to play and stop the music. Please do not quit SleepTunes, or switch to another app, while using it. You can, of course, turn off your display, to save some battery, if you like.
  • I encourage you, to keep your iPhone charging, while using SleepTunes, as SleepTunes consumes some power, while it runs in the background. It’s best, to start the day with a fully charged iPhone anyway, so please just keep your iPhone charging, while you’re using SleepTunes.

Help and Support:

If you have any further questions, feature requests, well wishes, want to report any bugs you found or need any other help or support, please feel free to send me an email to